The Avana Foundation is a non-profit organization that is supported and operated by Avana Enterprises. Our mission is to build stronger futures for women and children through housing, advocacy, and employment programs that incubate confidence, strength and empowerment.

Why women and children?

- They truly are our most vulnerable population.
- Children are our future.
- Saskatchewan has the highest domestic abuse rates compared to all of the provinces in Canada.

Why safe, attainable, reliable housing?

- Affordable housing with support networks is vital to women navigating violence, addictions and trying to reunify with their children. These vulnerabilities fall through the system of traditional affordable housing programs.

- Most affordable housing options in Canadian cities are in neighborhoods where women are fleeing domestic violence, human trafficking and gang affiliation.

- The YWCA in Regina alone, in 2018, turned away 2436 women and 902 children because of lack of space.


- Because it is time that strong women in our community stand up for the women who have unfortunate situations. Let’s work together to make the entirety of our community better. We are only as strong as our weakest link.

Ph: (306) 205-5404 | Address: 1-313 Adolph Drive RM of Sherwood SK S4K 0A1